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Primo Trailer's goal is to provide customers with the best value in trailers. They feel that it is their primary job to know what products will give you the best value. That does not always mean manufacturing the cheapest trailer out on the market and selling you the cheapest trailer at a low price, although we have been told countless times that PRIMO trailers have the best prices around in comparison to other aluminum trailers!  We take pride in the fact that Primo can produce a QUALITY aluminum trailer at an affordable price.

Steel trailers are cheaper up front but will cost more in maintenance in the long term since steel is more prone to corrosion and rust. It is possible to buy a galvanized finish on your trailer, but this doesn’t fully protect you from degradation. If you live in a snow or ocean environment, salt on the roads or from the ocean will only magnify steel’s natural rust forming tendencies. 

Not only does steel rust and corrode, wearing away on your investment and the integrity of your trailer, but it requires close vigilance to ensure that any minor scratches are painted before rust sets in. This goes for repairs too. If your trailer needs repairing, you’ll have to pay more for a proper finish that will ensure that rust start forming wherever the repair was made. This is especially true of joints and bolt mounts. So, even if you invest a bit more money at the beginning and buy a galvanized or protected steel coating, you’ll still have to pay more for repairs and watch your trailer’s coat closely.

Conversely, aluminum trailers are more expensive up front but require less overall maintenance. The only maintenance that may need to be performed is an acid wash every few years. This quickly and easily restores the aluminum to its original luster and shine and allows for a better resale value. Additionally, manufacturers typically offer longer warranties for aluminum than steel, probably for this reason.

To learn more about Primo Trailers, check out their website here!

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