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Trailer Services

View our list of available trailer services below!

Quick Check-Up - FREE

A quick walk-around by a professional will let you know how your trailer is doing. Bring in your trailer any time for a free check-up! We'll check your tire pressure, perform a visual inspection, and re-torque your lug nuts. It only takes 5 minutes, but could notify you of problems with your trailer before they become serious.

26 - Point Inspection - $85

This 1.5 hour inspection is very thorough and comprehensive. Click HERE to view the complete list of items covered in this inspection. This is a great option for heavily-used trialers, older trailers, or trailers you're looking to buy or sell. Please call to schedule.

Custom Tie Downs

Custom Tie-Downs - $35 / $60

If you regularly use your trailer and think, "Geeze, I wish I could attach this strap HERE instead of over there!," come see us! We are able to add custom tie-downs in any location on your trailer. We can add floor-mounted individual tie downs, we can mount E-Track, or we can weld mounting locations if necessary. Call to schedule an estimate!

Annual Service - $100 + Parts Per Axle

Maintaining your trailer is a key part in keeping it running smoothly and reliably. Regular preventative maintenance can keep you on the road for years to come! It's important to perform regular maintenance to maintain your warranty and to keep your trailer operating in a safe condition. Please call to schedule an annual service.

Trailer Refurbishing

Trailer Refurbishing - Call For Estimate

We can do as much or as little as you like! Click HERE to learn more about our trailer refurbishing service!

"It's Been A While" Service - $175 + Parts Per Axle

A full annual service on trailers that need a little more love. If your trailer has gone more than two years since an annual service, it simply takes longer to perform. The trailer needs to be cleaned, the bearings are harder to get to, the lug nuts can be tougher to get off, etc. You know that servicing units that aren't regularly maintained is harder than servicing units that ARE regularly serviced. To accommodate for the extra time and smashed fingers, the "It's Been A While" Service is $75 more than a regular annual service.

Insurance Estimates - FREE

Have you been in an accident involving your trailer? Has it been hailed out? Did someone scratch the trailer or damage it? Bring your trailer in for a free insurance estimate. We're happy to generate an estimate for your insurance company. Please call to schedule an estimate.

Trailers Need Service? Service

"Trailers Need Service?" Service - $230 + Parts Per Axle

If you haven't peformed a service on your trailer in 10 or more years, it likely NEEDS it badly. Many people don't realize that trailers need to be serviced, but just like any other tool, it needs regular preventative maintenance to work in the best way possible. The service is the same as an annual service, but is $130 more expensive per axle to accommodate the extra time we'll need to spend breaking all of the lug nuts, cleaning out rust, and cleaning up afterwards.